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The Ramos Alarm Clock

This may be the coolest and most sleek looking alarm clock on the market. The only issue is that it’s not on the market yet. This kickstarter program has reached its goal and beyond, so you are going to need to move quickly to make sure that you do not get wait listed. The most amazing features of this clock are not obvious from first look.

This alarm clock is going to come in two different versions. The most impressive version uses nixie tubes, which are pieces of retired Soviet technology. That means that once they are used up then they are gone forever unless they go back into production at a very high cost per unit. The more affordable and sustainable version use the more standard LED lights to display the time, in place of the nixie tubes.

Ramos Alarm Clock

The other really amazing feature is the main feature of this clock. Instead of shutting off the alarm by hitting a button, you need to punch in a custom code into a separate keypad that you can keep anywhere in the house. The creator keeps his keypad in the bathroom downstairs so that he needs to get up and wake up to actually shut off the alarm.

As of the time when this article was written, the kickstarter will still be active for 37 days. You can pledge money to get the project up and running, but their goal has been met. If you want to be one of the first people to own a Ramos Alarm Clock, this is the only option. You can choose between the Nixie tube version and the version the uses LED lights.
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HTC Evo 3D

The first 3D phone is here, courtesy of HTC, and really is a massive step in mobile technology. The device has a HD touch screen that is perfect for viewing all the 3D content you want.

You can view 3D movies, 3D YouTube clips or even your own 3D photos, and, the best part is, you don’t have to wear 3D glasses to get the full effect. This is thanks to special stereoscopic technology that the device has inside its high-resolution 4.3″ display.

Amazingly you can choose to take picture or videos in 2D or 3D with a flick of a switch on the side of the device. The 2D, 5 Megapixel camera allows for a good quality images and the HD 720p video recorder allows you to capture amazing 3D footage. This can then be shared to Facebook, or made into a 3D masterpiece with the new 3D Youtube channel, and then shared for the world to enjoy.

For all of this to work, what’s under the hood of the device is highly important. The Evo 3D has a speedy 1.2GHz dual core processor, has a bigger battery for longer usage time and has the latest versions of Android and HTC Sense. The device is fast and smart and, with the new HTC Sense 3.0 active lockscreen, you are able to quickly jump between your phones applications such as message and your camera.
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How the iPod has Revolutionised Music

During the last decade, we have seen the way we listen to music change dramatically, including the way we buy music, store music and even our attitude to music. The music industry has been revolutionised by a tiny device called the iPod, which is small enough to fit in your pocket. Since its launch in 2001, music has never been the same. Here is how the iPod has changed so much in the last ten years…

How we buy music:

Before: Pre digital music and the introduction of iTunes in 2003, we would have to physically go out to the shops to buy our music. Music shops were thriving, as this was by far the most popular way to get hold of the latest CD album or single, although ordering online was becoming more popular by the day too. CD’s were amongst the most popular gift selections, and we often had a few CD ‘wish lists’ around Christmas time that we would subtly drop hints about. Part of the lure of buying CD’s was their cases and artwork, which was seen as being as valuable as the CD.

Now: Nearly a decade later, many of the most famous high street music stores have ceased to trade, meaning that there are only a few of the big chain shops left for us to browse for music in. Now we don’t even have to get dressed to buy music; simply log on to your computer and your album or single can be downloaded within minutes. With iTunes saving your bank account details you don’t even have to enter them, making downloading music possible by the click of a button. With the introduction of the iPhone, you can now download music on the go via you iPhone, which doubles up as an iPod too. This is convenient for those always on the go.
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What iPhone 3G is All About: Mobile Technology at Its Finest

Ever since the first generation of iPhones hit the market, the world was in a frantic to obtain one. With its sleek design and great technology inside, you too would definitely want to own one.

iPhone, apple iphone 3g, iphone 3g

The iPhone is one great device that combines a mobile phone, a multimedia player, and a web browser in one neat package. In fact, the iPhone can even do more than those things as it will be able to give you high quality entertainment that you never imagined possible in a mobile phone.
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