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Top Broadband Tips for Gamers

Gamers are far choosier that most about the type of broadband service they receive in their home and for good reason. Being a gamer means that you will want to have fast web access at all times, whether you are involved in a multiplayer match-up with friends or you want to stream the latest gameplay clips and trailers from YouTube.

It can be tough to work out which broadband option will be the best for a gamer, but with these top-five tips you should be able to find the most appropriate broadband package to support your favourite pastime.

Connection Speed

The key concern for any gamer will be the speed with which they can get online. This will dictate how fast you can download patches and updates and how quickly you can find matches to join in multiplayer scenarios.

While standard ADSL broadband connections which use a fixed landline telephone connection are affordable and common, most gamers will want to opt for a fibre-optic service if it is available in their area. Fibre-optic download and upload speeds can exceed 100Mbps on the best packages, which should give you an excellent gaming experience.

Latency and Connection Ratio

The quality of a broadband connection is not determined simply by its theoretical download and upload speeds. Gamers also need to find out what kind of latency they can expect when playing online and whether the connection ratio at their local exchange is high or low, depending on each provider.

Latency dictates the speed with which information is sent to and from the server that is hosting an online game and your PC. A lower latency means your ability to respond to real-time events, such as confronting an enemy around a corner and squeezing off a few rounds from your weapon, will be improved. This could give you the edge in important matches and will generally reduce the chances of lag spoiling your evening.
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How to Buy The Right Video Game Chairs

Even if you are basically having fun, it does not mean that your entire body is also having the same kind of fun. Often, too much enjoyment makes us forget things that are important such as our health. For instance, when you are engrossed in a video game, you do not realize anymore that you need to eat dinner or that you need to already drink your medicine.

But sadly one of the things that people really forget when engrossed in things like video games and all kinds of computer games is the chair that you use. It may not seem essential to sit on the right chair. After all, anything will do. It is not like your health will be affected or that you will suddenly lose the game when you are using the wrong chair. But the truth is, the right chair can actually help you with your game and prevent you from experiencing any pains.
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5 Great Tips That Can Help Your WOW Character Earn Lots of Gold

In World of Warcraft game, gold is one of the most important commodities. A lot of people think that gold is very hard to earn in the game and most of them resort to buying gold for cash. Some people who did this ended up getting banned by the World of Warcraft servers, while other got their account hacked by the very people they bought gold from.

Although there are reputable websites that sells gold for World of Warcraft gamers legally and honestly, you have to remember that there are a lot more ways to get WOW gold for your character without spending real cash.

So, here are the ways on how you can earn gold for your character easily and without spending real cash for it.
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Sony Launches Playstation Home Open Beta

Sony’s long awaited next-gen social networking site for PlayStation users launches today. Sony announced yesterday that it is launching an open beta test of a new 3D virtual online community it has developed for the PlayStation 3 called “Playstation Home”.

PS3 owners will be able to download and check out the new service starting today. PlayStation Home will let gamers create custom avatar – a virtual representation to represent themselves. Avatars in PlayStation Home will be able to run free in a 3D environment, interact with other members of the community, explore public spaces and play mini-games, among many other activities.
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