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Caution Against Mobile Phone Virus

The presence of thousands of mobile phone content resulting in many negative possibilities occur if the user does not give serious attention to the downloaded content.

smartphone,pda,cell phone,mobile phoneIf a personal computer (PC) can attract cyber criminals to exploit those platform for quick profit, let alone the opportunity to invade the mobile platform which is widely used around the world. Mobile phone can also be infected especially the smartphone and this problem is increasing than ever before. Technically, your phone can be infected with the virus when you download programs or files that are infected. In the case of mobile phones, this may occur when users downloading pictures, video clips, ringing tones, phone themes or other programs.

The virus able to spread through mobile phone equipped with ‘bluetooth’, for example sending photos from your phone to your printer or transfer the information stored in your device. If you set your bluetooth to the “visible mode” and be within 30 feet of an infected device, it can also cause your phone infected with virus.
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Samsung WEP210 Bluetooth Headset

Answering a phone while driving is very dangerous, if you are on the phone, you only have one hand on the wheel. The answer is to use a hands free system, and the Samsung WEP210 Bluetooth headset is one such system.

Samsung WEP210 Bluetooth headset, Samsung Bluetooth headset

Like most other Bluetooth headsets, the WEP210 Bluetooth headset is advertised as a light “companion” to mobile telephones. This headset appears similar to many other Bluetooth headsets, sporting an earpiece, volume adjustment buttons, an indicator light, a function button, and a place for a microphone. The headset is Bluetooth 2.0 enabled—call quality is advertised as being high, while using a minimal amount of power.
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Panasonic P905i Review

Panasonic released the P905i, which the electronics giant made for DoCoMo. The cell phone features the 1-Seg TV tuner and uses Viera image processing; the same technology that Panasonic use in their PDP TV’s.

The P905i runs the LiMo open-source Linux mobile OS and supports Windows Media video and audio files.  There’s a full internet browser, document viewer, Bluetooth and the ability to record mobile TV direct to a microSD card.
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T-Mobile Launch the G1 Phone

T-Mobile USA made the formal, nationwide launch of its G1, the first phone to run Google’s Android operating system.

The T-Mobile G1 features a full QWERTY keyboard, touch screen, 3G support, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth connectivity. The Google Android operating system offers good integration with Google applications including Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Calendar as well as access to the Amazon MP3 Store and YouTube. As more applications become available, the G1 will also become a more powerful smartphone for all types of users.
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