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Which TV is Best for You?



  • LCD screens do not reflect light like a plasma screen might. LCD TVs are backlit which means they naturally block out any outside light which make them fantastic for natural light viewing scenarios.
  • You can buy LCD Tvs in a wide range of sizes, usually in between 22-50”. Plasma screens tend to be larger because of the technology involved in the screens, so you can have more versatility when choosing a size. You can buy LCD TVs in over 100 sizes.
  • LCD TVs use less electricity to function than other types of TV, so if you’re trying to cut down on your electricity usage an LCD screen might be for you.


  • Screen refreshing rates on LCD TVs aren’t as frequent as those on plasma. This means that motion blur may become apparent when watching fast movements on the screen. This tends to be on larger screens though, so you may not notice it if you have a screen which is 35” or less.
  • The contrast and brightness of LCD TVs tend to be duller than other types of TV. LCD’s have trouble showing black because of the LCD panel. This may mean that images may be less crisp than they could be.
  • LCD TVs could potentially have pixel failure, meaning that you could have areas of the screen which don’t work. This is very unlikely in high quality LCD TV models, but it’s worth taking into consideration when choosing a TV type for yourself.

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Cellular Phones for Mobile Computing Solutions

Cellular phones were not a necessity until a few decades ago. Only few people around the world own the bulky and big mobile phones, which have networks with limited coverage and average reception. Today, you will see everyone with their own cellular phones. The cell phones of the early days and the newer models of today have basically the same function, to receive and make calls. But the thing is flashy, sophisticated advancement of cellular technology progressed in so short a time that cellular phones are now one of the most used devices for mobile computing.

What does it mean? It means that the newer cellular phone models are now capable of getting access or connected to the wireless world of the internet. Added to that is using your phones anywhere will get you connected wirelessly. This is because most of the newer phone models are now packed with full navigational and computing features, most of which were what laptops, Pocket PCs and personal digital assistants can provide to the user.

The rise of cellular phones’ technology has obviously impacted the lives of the majority. Everywhere around the world, smart phones with wireless capabilities are the addiction not only by the younger but even the older generations. So, what are the reasons of this addiction? Take a look at the following mobile computing technology for the cellular phones.
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The Wireless Digital Shower

Welcome to the new era of the digital technology. In the past, all machines were controlled manually. But now these machines can be controlled by other electronic machines, like computers, and bathrooms are no exception. Introducing…. the digital shower. Combining eye-catching design, precision engineering and industry leading innovation, the digital shower gives you instant remote control over your shower.

Imagine this; you switch the button on the hand-held wireless remote from your bed, and the indicator lights will tell you when your shower’s ready, just the way you like it at exactly the right temperature. No need to get up from your bed, get into the bathroom, open up the shower enclosure and turn the shower on. It is very practical and convenient.
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