Caution Against Mobile Phone Virus

The presence of thousands of mobile phone content resulting in many negative possibilities occur if the user does not give serious attention to the downloaded content.

smartphone,pda,cell phone,mobile phoneIf a personal computer (PC) can attract cyber criminals to exploit those platform for quick profit, let alone the opportunity to invade the mobile platform which is widely used around the world. Mobile phone can also be infected especially the smartphone and this problem is increasing than ever before. Technically, your phone can be infected with the virus when you download programs or files that are infected. In the case of mobile phones, this may occur when users downloading pictures, video clips, ringing tones, phone themes or other programs.

The virus able to spread through mobile phone equipped with ‘bluetooth’, for example sending photos from your phone to your printer or transfer the information stored in your device. If you set your bluetooth to the “visible mode” and be within 30 feet of an infected device, it can also cause your phone infected with virus.

Here are some helpful tips to protect your phone from virus attack:

  • Just download or receive content (including photos, video clips, ringing tones, themes and games) from a trusted source. That suggestions also apply when browsing the Internet or sending e-mail. If you do not know from whom or if you do not expecting it, do not open or download it.
  • If your phone is equipped with bluetooth, turn it off or set it to “invisible mode” when you do not use it. Only accept data that comes from the sources you trust. For more information, see the instructions included with your mobile phone.
  • If your phone is equipped with infrared, only accept emission that comes from people you trust.
  • Download and install antivirus software for your mobile phone.
  • Keep your phone as you keep your wallet, especially in the areas that are vulnerable to thieves.
  • Lock or protect your phone with a security password that will protects the phone if you lose it, the thief will have difficulty making phone calls or access personal information that you may save in it.

4 thoughts on “Caution Against Mobile Phone Virus

  1. I can honestly say that getting a virus on my phone never even crossed my mind. Thanks for the tips–I’m going to look into antivirus software. Any suggestions?

  2. I think that an antivirus for smart phones in general a piece superfluous, it is necessary first of all most to understand what content swing, harmful or safe if the user it understands, antiviruses do not become necessary

  3. As a teacher, I’ve thought about phone security. It would be way to easy for a student to pick my phone up off my desk and send inappropriate messages or pictures. The world gets more complicated every day.

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