Critical Internet Explorer Security Hole – Beware!

Microsoft will push out an emergency security patch for Internet Explorer. Millions of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer users might be exposed to hackers because of new critical security hole currently being exploited in the wild.

The problem was first exposed last week, that allows hackers to access to a computer’s memory space, allowing attackers to remotely execute malicious code as IE crashes, Microsoft has said. Trend Micro has said that nearly 10,000 websites are compromising to take advantage of this flaw.

Although the exploit was at first contained to warez and porn sites hosted on a variety of Chinese domains, the malicious JavaScript code has since spread to more trusted sites though SQL injection. At present, the flaw is primarily being used to steal video game passwords and sell them at the black market, but could potentially be used to retrieve more critical sensitive data from users as well.

Security experts advices the internet users to change to other web browser until the problem fixed. Let’s recall, Firefox or Opera are excellent alternatives in terms of security. Another good alternative is Apple’s Safari.

The vulnerability is specifically targeted at surfers running IE 7, but it’s also known to affect versions 5, 6, and 8 of the browser as well. All IE users are advised to install the update.

Microsoft’s emergency patch is available from auto-update and the Microsoft Download Center.
Click here for Microsoft Download Center.

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