Mashimaro MP3 Player

Do you like cute and a bit weird gadgets? Check out this unusual anime rabbit mp3 player. What do you think?

Weird Rabbit, Mashimaro MP3 Player

Mashimaro is the rabbit version of Hello Kitty and it is catching fire in Korea. Known as the “Weird Rabbit,” the character puts a humorous light to toilet habits, perhaps a way to teach children how to have fun during toilet training.

Anyway, it’s a merchandizing gold, this MashiMaro so it comes as no surprise someone made an MP3 player based on it. The Mashimaro MP3 Player is cute, cheap and features a number of adorable features like those ears that light up for one reason or another and a rear end entry for the audio jack, how about that! All told, it will cost you about $44 for the 2GB MP3 player


  • Plays MP3, WMA, ASF, OGG, APE, WAV, ACT
  • 54 × 38 × 38mm at 19 grams
  • Battery plays 9 hours of music
  • Microphone

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