Top 5 Travel Gadgets for Summer 2011

Summer holidays are personal to individuals; some like sightseeing in the world’s famous capital cities and getting to grips culture and history. Others prefer to take time out to do some serious relaxation. Whatever type of holiday you choose you will always need to be armed with travel gadgets, which is why we’ve put together this list of travel gadgets to help you chose which tech to take in your suitcase this summer…

Canon PowerShot D10

Are you going on a beach holiday? If you’re into swimming in the sea and exploring what’s underneath the surface, you’ll want to take some photos. Many package holidays now offer scuba diving excursions, visits to the local water park and the chance to swim with different sea life. To make the most of this you’ll need a waterproof camera, like the Canon PowerShot D10. This camera can function up to 10m underwater and can take excellent quality shots. It’s also nice and compact and will take quality shots out of water, meaning you don’t need to take a range of digital cameras in your suitcase.

Amazon Kindle

Do you buy your holiday reading in the airport? Do you find that you get your paperbacks soggy from pool/sea water? For holiday reading, nothing is better suited than the Amazon Kindle. The Kindle gives you access to more than 550,000 books, many of which you can get cheaper than the print price. The screen has been especially designed so you get no glare from the sun, and the battery lasts for up to one month when it is fully charged (and Wi-Fi is switched off), meaning you don’t even have to take the charger with you. The great thing about the Kindle when being used for travel is that it is very light and will save a considerable amount of space in your luggage.
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How the iPod has Revolutionised Music

During the last decade, we have seen the way we listen to music change dramatically, including the way we buy music, store music and even our attitude to music. The music industry has been revolutionised by a tiny device called the iPod, which is small enough to fit in your pocket. Since its launch in 2001, music has never been the same. Here is how the iPod has changed so much in the last ten years…

How we buy music:

Before: Pre digital music and the introduction of iTunes in 2003, we would have to physically go out to the shops to buy our music. Music shops were thriving, as this was by far the most popular way to get hold of the latest CD album or single, although ordering online was becoming more popular by the day too. CD’s were amongst the most popular gift selections, and we often had a few CD ‘wish lists’ around Christmas time that we would subtly drop hints about. Part of the lure of buying CD’s was their cases and artwork, which was seen as being as valuable as the CD.

Now: Nearly a decade later, many of the most famous high street music stores have ceased to trade, meaning that there are only a few of the big chain shops left for us to browse for music in. Now we don’t even have to get dressed to buy music; simply log on to your computer and your album or single can be downloaded within minutes. With iTunes saving your bank account details you don’t even have to enter them, making downloading music possible by the click of a button. With the introduction of the iPhone, you can now download music on the go via you iPhone, which doubles up as an iPod too. This is convenient for those always on the go.
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Things to Consider When Buying an Apple Product

Apple products have revolutionised the way we see and purchase consumer electronics: devices are now as much about fashion and fun as they are about practicality. Many naturally want to buy computers, tablets and phones from Mac for these reasons as well as their sturdy design and fantastic performance. But before you rush out to the Apple store there are a few things to consider as it is possible to get these products for a lot cheaper than the retail price: you just need to do some planning to take advantage of iPhone 4 deals and the like.

Apple releases its products in cycles – normally year long ones. If you pay attention to the timing of when they send out new things you can get older models at much cheaper prices. For instance when the iPhone 4 was released the 3GS version became available for approximately half price – snapping up these deals is a great idea as the ‘older’ version will still be quite new.

If you are a student it is also possible to save a bit of money on your shiny new Apple product. You can normally knock off 10% of the price of a computer or an iPhone just by demonstrating that you are going to college or university – search online for their educational discounts to see what you are entitled to.
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A Look at Some of New Sony Laptops

For years, Sony has been the leading electronics maker in the world. Sony is best known for its televisions and radios and has always tried to provide high quality and high performance at very affordable and cheap prices. The same is the company’s goal in terms of computers, and with the VAIO line of laptop computers Sony has once again made itself a household name. This line of laptops is known for offering high quality hardware, high performance, sleek design and easy customization so that everyone can have the features he or she desires.

The line of laptops on offer by Sony is available in models of all sizes. There is a VAIO for you whether you are looking for an ultraportable 8 inch screen model or a 17inch widescreen laptop. The choice of the processor lies from the Notebook processor to the latest i7 processor. Also the computers on offer are also quite varied when it comes to the RAM, battery life and the installed software, which ensures that you can get what you desire without much of a hassle. The best thing abo0ut the VAIO line of laptops is that if you are not able to find anything that is suited to your specifications then you can get a custom built VAIO for yourself.

The Sony line of laptops also includes a number of optional upgrades, from larger hard drive to mobile broadband. You also have the option of purchasing accessories such as Blue Ray drives or portable DVD burners. Other features that can be added to your Sony laptop include upgraded batteries, additional office software and security software. Sony even has its most popular line of laptops in almost all color you can imagine, you have the option of choosing the color that suits your personality and your style the best.
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The 3G Woes in the US

Sure when you walk into any company dealing in mobile broadband service they are going to show you the map that the 3G service is available in your area. You can tell them where you work, live and spend most of your time and the answer will always be the same, “Sure we have 3G service there.” You happily sign the contract that binds tighter than a marriage certificate and off you go only to find you have to be standing in the field across the street with no clouds, no trees, no buildings, and no nothing!

3g issues, 3g services, mobile broadband, mobile broadband services, poor 3g coverage

Well, no wonder people are not rushing for the latest in services because there are none to offer, who wants to sit outdoors three houses down just to get the 3G coverage you’re expecting? We all know that it is not possible to have the mobile broadband service everywhere, but it would sure be nice if the services could be gotten somewhere that does not require an acrobatic act or special clearing of the neighborhood trees.
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