Plenio VXA 2100 Portable GPS Navigator Review

The Plenio VXA 2100 Portable GPS Navigator, with its cool 7-inch wide, touch-screen navigation offers a broad and clear view to guide you to your destination. Plenio VXA 2100 is a smart gadget for the avid road traveler. You can even use the Plenio VXA-2100 GPS as an in-car display for DVD players and gaming devices.

The Plenio VXA 2100 offers turn-by-turn voice guidance available in several languages. Plus, you get automatic route navigation to an address or point of interest with turn-by-turn directions and easy-to-follow guidance in a clear voice. The integrated flip up GPS antenna provides a very clean easy setup and installation.

The lightweight Plenio VXA-2100 boasts a built-in media player that provides a powerful entrée to a number of multimedia functions such as picture viewing, playing videos, games and music. Couple this with the wireless FM transmitter, and you can enjoy video and music files stored on your SD card over your vehicle stereo speakers. Just set your FM radio to a predetermined frequency. Other outstanding features that make the Plenio VXA-2100 GPS one of the best personal navigation values in the industry include, excellent response speed, accurate and responsive GPS receiver coupled with real-time rendered maps and 2D and 3D maps support with day and night-view settings.

Full description:

  • 7-inch wide, touch-screen navigation
  • Navigational system features convenient one-touch operation
  • Display can be used for portable DVD players and gaming devices
  • Turn-by-turn voice guidance in several languages
  • Entire U.S. map included on provided SD card
  • Multimedia functions – picture viewing, video playback, gaming, and music
  • Wireless FM transmitter
  • Real-time rendered maps
  • Automatic re-routing
  • Smart Detour
  • Automatic zoom feature
  • 2D and 3D map perspective
  • Day/night view settings
  • AV input port
  • DivX video player, audio player, photo slide show, puzzle game supported

If you want a GPS Navigation System that you can have no problem seeing, then this is a good buy.

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