Samsung WEP210 Bluetooth Headset

Answering a phone while driving is very dangerous, if you are on the phone, you only have one hand on the wheel. The answer is to use a hands free system, and the Samsung WEP210 Bluetooth headset is one such system.

Samsung WEP210 Bluetooth headset, Samsung Bluetooth headset

Like most other Bluetooth headsets, the WEP210 Bluetooth headset is advertised as a light “companion” to mobile telephones. This headset appears similar to many other Bluetooth headsets, sporting an earpiece, volume adjustment buttons, an indicator light, a function button, and a place for a microphone. The headset is Bluetooth 2.0 enabled—call quality is advertised as being high, while using a minimal amount of power.

The WEP210 Bluetooth headset is ultra light and is small in size, weighting just 9 grams. The headset fits comfortable on the ear thanks to an air-gap type earpiece cover and is silver in color.

Other features include:

  • multi-function button for redialing, activating voice dial, rejecting calls.
  • range of up to 30 feet.
  • up to 5.5 hours of talk time.
  • up to 70 hours of standby time.

For many people who are looking to add a simple, minimal Bluetooth headset, this is the one. It is an extremely good value, and you get the features you need in a basic headset.

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