Sony Launches Playstation Home Open Beta

Sony’s long awaited next-gen social networking site for PlayStation users launches today. Sony announced yesterday that it is launching an open beta test of a new 3D virtual online community it has developed for the PlayStation 3 called “Playstation Home”.

PS3 owners will be able to download and check out the new service starting today. PlayStation Home will let gamers create custom avatar – a virtual representation to represent themselves. Avatars in PlayStation Home will be able to run free in a 3D environment, interact with other members of the community, explore public spaces and play mini-games, among many other activities.

Nearly two years of work’s gone into creating this collage of areas which include bowling alleys, shops, nightclubs, billboards, a central plaza, and bars with game themes like Far Cry 2 and Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. There’s quite a lot to do, too. You can dance, play pool, chat, collect trophies, hang those trophies on virtual walls, watch videos, dance in front of other people watching videos, be sociable or socially awkward, even launch flying saucers from take-off pads and fly around popping bubbles.

Playstation Home will be available free to all registered PlayStation Network users, though users may opt to spend money to spiff up their avatars and virtual apartments. Players can buy new clothing to dress their avatar, new more lavish homes will go on sale, and there are plans to add advertising to billboards and video screens. So.. be prepared.

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