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Which TV is Best for You?



  • LCD screens do not reflect light like a plasma screen might. LCD TVs are backlit which means they naturally block out any outside light which make them fantastic for natural light viewing scenarios.
  • You can buy LCD Tvs in a wide range of sizes, usually in between 22-50”. Plasma screens tend to be larger because of the technology involved in the screens, so you can have more versatility when choosing a size. You can buy LCD TVs in over 100 sizes.
  • LCD TVs use less electricity to function than other types of TV, so if you’re trying to cut down on your electricity usage an LCD screen might be for you.


  • Screen refreshing rates on LCD TVs aren’t as frequent as those on plasma. This means that motion blur may become apparent when watching fast movements on the screen. This tends to be on larger screens though, so you may not notice it if you have a screen which is 35” or less.
  • The contrast and brightness of LCD TVs tend to be duller than other types of TV. LCD’s have trouble showing black because of the LCD panel. This may mean that images may be less crisp than they could be.
  • LCD TVs could potentially have pixel failure, meaning that you could have areas of the screen which don’t work. This is very unlikely in high quality LCD TV models, but it’s worth taking into consideration when choosing a TV type for yourself.

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How to Choose the Perfect LCD TV for Your Home

Now that you have decided to buy a brand new LCD TV, you need to remember that there are different kinds that you need to choose from. This will make your decision on what to choose much more difficult and a seemingly simple process of buying a new LCD TV becomes rather complicated. This is why you may want to know how to choose the perfect LCD TV for your home in order for you to really have a lot of fun with it.

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For starters, people who are in the market for an LCD TV are basically divided into two groups. The first group would be the people who decided to get rid of their bulky televisions with a slimmer and sleeker LCD TV and the second group would be people who are previous owners of older model LCD TV’s in search for newer models.

Today, the LCD TV technology is advancing so rapidly that it is very hard to keep up with all the changes. This is why you need to choose the right LCD TV for your home in order for you to avoid regretting your purchase in the future.
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