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The Ramos Alarm Clock

This may be the coolest and most sleek looking alarm clock on the market. The only issue is that it’s not on the market yet. This kickstarter program has reached its goal and beyond, so you are going to need to move quickly to make sure that you do not get wait listed. The most amazing features of this clock are not obvious from first look.

This alarm clock is going to come in two different versions. The most impressive version uses nixie tubes, which are pieces of retired Soviet technology. That means that once they are used up then they are gone forever unless they go back into production at a very high cost per unit. The more affordable and sustainable version use the more standard LED lights to display the time, in place of the nixie tubes.

Ramos Alarm Clock

The other really amazing feature is the main feature of this clock. Instead of shutting off the alarm by hitting a button, you need to punch in a custom code into a separate keypad that you can keep anywhere in the house. The creator keeps his keypad in the bathroom downstairs so that he needs to get up and wake up to actually shut off the alarm.

As of the time when this article was written, the kickstarter will still be active for 37 days. You can pledge money to get the project up and running, but their goal has been met. If you want to be one of the first people to own a Ramos Alarm Clock, this is the only option. You can choose between the Nixie tube version and the version the uses LED lights.
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