The 3G Woes in the US

Sure when you walk into any company dealing in mobile broadband service they are going to show you the map that the 3G service is available in your area. You can tell them where you work, live and spend most of your time and the answer will always be the same, “Sure we have 3G service there.” You happily sign the contract that binds tighter than a marriage certificate and off you go only to find you have to be standing in the field across the street with no clouds, no trees, no buildings, and no nothing!

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Well, no wonder people are not rushing for the latest in services because there are none to offer, who wants to sit outdoors three houses down just to get the 3G coverage you’re expecting? We all know that it is not possible to have the mobile broadband service everywhere, but it would sure be nice if the services could be gotten somewhere that does not require an acrobatic act or special clearing of the neighborhood trees.

There are other things that are causing the problems such as bugs and the sort, but even if these things are fixed, were still going to be stuck with the fact that the 3G service is poor and will remain that way for a while to come. Outside of getting a tower placed outside your window at work or home, there is going to be the little problem with the 3G service until something else is done.

For data transfer it is not a bad idea to get wifi at home or work because really it is becoming more and more affordable. There are some things that the US lacks compared to other countries and the availability of 3G service is one of them.

If you need to use your phone, just turning off the 3G service will help you, but nobody wants to turn off a service that they are paying for. There is no really easy fix at the moment but were sure something will soon be coming down the pike, in the meanwhile folks are saying goodbye to their new iPhone until the fix is obviously going to stick.

There is no reason for any user to have this experience:  “Hi there. I live in Philadelphia, PA in the USA and having the exact same problem! It is terrible. The moment I turn off 3G on the iPhone, my service defaults to EDGE and I get 5 bars like I was used to getting on my 2G iPhone.” Too bad we have to pay for a service that doesn’t cut it!

8 thoughts on “The 3G Woes in the US

  1. It’s another case of slick marketing. Create enough hype and there are always people who will rush to get the latest “must have” toy to impress their mates. In my opinion we, in the UK, are faced with a similar scenario. So much for Global recession!

  2. It’s not just in the US that this a problem, its still a big problem throughout the UK, providers provide coverage maps but what the maps show and what service you actually get can vastly differ.

  3. I suppose we are sort of limited to the handful of carriers that have enough capitol to drop a network in place. In MT, I am pretty much handcuffed to Verizon, for better of for worse.

    It has kept me on my BlackBerry, though, and I have not made a move on an Android-based unit…network woes

  4. I am surprised that the 3G service in US and UK is still not well developed.. probably at the same pace with my country, Malaysia.

  5. In the Netherlands we’ve got full 3G/HSDPA coverage. Indoors and outdoors, across (as good as) the entire country. I’m quite happy with it, I use mobile broadband a lot :)

  6. I think is a problem for countries who are less populated. I see this problem in the US, but in country such as Japan and Korea, the coverage is excellent. I guess when users are in such high density, it’s much more cost effective to build coverage.


  7. I’m excited that Verizon is finally getting the iPhone 4 but we still don’t have 4G in the Hampton Roads area so that part sucks.

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