The Wireless Digital Shower

Welcome to the new era of the digital technology. In the past, all machines were controlled manually. But now these machines can be controlled by other electronic machines, like computers, and bathrooms are no exception. Introducing…. the digital shower. Combining eye-catching design, precision engineering and industry leading innovation, the digital shower gives you instant remote control over your shower.

Imagine this; you switch the button on the hand-held wireless remote from your bed, and the indicator lights will tell you when your shower’s ready, just the way you like it at exactly the right temperature. No need to get up from your bed, get into the bathroom, open up the shower enclosure and turn the shower on. It is very practical and convenient.

The remote connects to a digital processor unit wirelessly, which uses your settings to adjust and mix the water to your setting. When the ideal setting is found, a visible or audible signal will highlight this. At the touch of a button, it brings you instant control over the flow and temperature of your shower, through the wonders of its digital processor. So you won’t have to get into a nasty cold shower anymore, you’ll experience the perfect temperature everytime.

The installation is very simple and easy. It can be installed wherever you want with minimal disruption to your bathroom decor. Bathroom fixtures can improve your lifestyle and add to the beauty of your home. You can provide a comfortable environment using the latest technologies in the industry.

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