Things to Consider When Upgrading Laptop Parts

The laptop is a great alternative to the desktop if you are always on the go, and although a laptop’s performance is generally lower than that of a desktop, you can do some major upgrades that can match up with, if not exceed, the capabilities of a desktop. Most laptops cannot handle additional laptop computer parts and add-ons, so you have to consider the option to purchase features that can run particular programs that will be added at a later date.

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Cheaper models are in no way at par with the high-end ones as far as functionality is concerned, but you also have to remember that ample research about the wide range of available laptop components in the market is very essential. It can help you figure out which ones are sufficient for the type of tasks you are going to do on a consistent basis once you have the laptop in your possession.

It is always best to go for high memory when purchasing a new laptop. If you want your laptop’s performance to improve, the best plan of action is to upgrade the memory to a level that can allow your laptop to handle all the programs that are running all at once. Laptops are equipped with slots where you can plug in the memory; some have one slot, and some have two. You can only replace the memory for a computer with one slot, so it is always a good idea to pick a replacement that is high enough to make the process worth it.

In the case of a laptop with two slots, you can simply plug in the additional memory to the empty slot, and that will add more memory on top of the previous one. Just remember that one of the slots should be replaced by a higher grade stick if both slots are occupied. A memory of at least 512 MB should be sufficient enough to allow additional laptop parts to be added without causing a slow down while your laptop is running multiple programs.

A meticulous approach should be used when considering an upgrade, mainly because compatibility should be taken into consideration when looking for suitable parts. Purchasing directly from the computer manufacturer should be quick and easy, but more expensive than buying the parts from upgrade specialist retailers. These retailers have the information and methodology to identify suitable parts for any particular model, so it’s always best to seek assistance from them.

The downside to owning a laptop these days is that the new one you just purchased might become obsolete in a few years. This can be quite frustrating since upgrading a laptop can be costly and difficult. Sometimes, it is best to purchase a new laptop instead of upgrading the old one’s components for this very reason. So if you’re going to buy a new laptop, make sure that its components are the latest in computer technology.

It’s a good thing that laptops have become quite cheaper in general because of the level of competition among computer manufacturers. You can always use this to your advantage when you are in the process of upgrading your laptop.

7 thoughts on “Things to Consider When Upgrading Laptop Parts

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing.

    When my laptop was acting really slow, I was very tempted to purchase a new laptop. After some consideration however, I opted to buy 4gb of RAM for it.

    Because of this, my laptop is now as if I had bought a brand new one. People don’t realise just how vital big memory is.

    Thanks again for an interesting article.


  2. I’ve just accepted the reality that I’ll likely have to buy a new laptop every few years. But you’re right that they’ve become much cheaper so it’s not as painful to upgrade.

    In fact, my 1-year warranty just expired today after I got a few things fixed. So here’s to hoping that nothing breaks!

  3. A good approach is to make a through inquiry on laptop upgrade options before buying. Then make all upgrades more the manufacturer if under warranty. If not, just buy the best part available from any retailer.

  4. I love my laptop for convenience. I don’t know what I would do without it. Immediately after getting it I had battery problems. The battery seemed to drain way too fast even at 100 percent. I still had a warranty happily so I sent in the battery which they replaced. It is lasting a whole lot longer per charge so now it is just perfect. So happy about taking care of that with no other problems. It is a Toshiba. Great article also.

  5. In many cases it’s complicated to change some laptop components as you usually do with a classic desktop PC. Personally I would not use a notebook for graphics or professional audio. These types of laptops often, are very expensive, and with the same price, we can buy a much better desktop PC with durable hardware and much more strong components which surely will survive more years compared to a notebook.

  6. Upgrades are not only cheaper but first and foremost more effective. You have a good understanding on parts that are in your computer and know what to upgrade. To me it’s even better than buying a new one.

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