Top 5 Travel Gadgets for Summer 2011

Summer holidays are personal to individuals; some like sightseeing in the world’s famous capital cities and getting to grips culture and history. Others prefer to take time out to do some serious relaxation. Whatever type of holiday you choose you will always need to be armed with travel gadgets, which is why we’ve put together this list of travel gadgets to help you chose which tech to take in your suitcase this summer…

Canon PowerShot D10

Are you going on a beach holiday? If you’re into swimming in the sea and exploring what’s underneath the surface, you’ll want to take some photos. Many package holidays now offer scuba diving excursions, visits to the local water park and the chance to swim with different sea life. To make the most of this you’ll need a waterproof camera, like the Canon PowerShot D10. This camera can function up to 10m underwater and can take excellent quality shots. It’s also nice and compact and will take quality shots out of water, meaning you don’t need to take a range of digital cameras in your suitcase.

Amazon Kindle

Do you buy your holiday reading in the airport? Do you find that you get your paperbacks soggy from pool/sea water? For holiday reading, nothing is better suited than the Amazon Kindle. The Kindle gives you access to more than 550,000 books, many of which you can get cheaper than the print price. The screen has been especially designed so you get no glare from the sun, and the battery lasts for up to one month when it is fully charged (and Wi-Fi is switched off), meaning you don’t even have to take the charger with you. The great thing about the Kindle when being used for travel is that it is very light and will save a considerable amount of space in your luggage.

Flip HD

The Flip HD is one of the easiest ways to capture the best holiday moments on camera. This tiny camcorder (smaller than a pack of playing cards) records in HD, has image stabilization, has digital zoom and has an excellent battery life. It also has an attached (but hidden) USB device to make it easy to transfer your video footage when you get home. The fascia of the Flip is designed to be extra easy to use so it doesn’t take an age to prepare to capture once in a lifetime moments. This is an excellent way to capture memories, whether you’re going on an adventure, sightseeing or beach holiday.

CallUma Tag’n’Traq

One of the most nerve wracking moments on anybody’s holiday is when you’re standing next to the luggage carousel waiting for your suitcase to be delivered off the plane. To combat the dread of this ordeal invest in the CallUma Tag’n’Traq luggage tag which has a unique tracking number which attaches to your case. If your luggage doesn’t turn up of the carousel you can call or text CallUma with your unique tracking number and they will locate your luggage for you and arrange for it to be returned to you.

Lonely Planet App

This app is available on iPhone, Android and Nokia, and become a real resource of knowledge about different cities around the world. It has 125 easy-to-use city guides stored on the app and also gives you access to phrase books to help with language barriers. If you have an Android smartphone you can also download Lonely Planet’s augmented reality apps, or further e-books for the iPad. This is definitely worth downloading if you’ll be exploring different cities on your travels.

Get your gadgets covered

The only downside of taking your gadgets abroad is the risk of them being stolen, lost or damaged. Many people think that their gadgets are covered with their standard travel insurance policy, but this is not always the case. Cheaper insurance policies will mean a bigger excess, so make sure you weigh up the benefit on claiming for a relatively cheap item on your insurance. Also, always check the fine print of your policy to make sure that your gadgets are covered for the amount of money that you actually paid for them; you might get a nasty surprise if you ever need to make a claim.

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  1. People tend to bring with them their iPhones or android phones because they’re all-in-one devices – you can read on them, listen to music, and do just about everything.

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