TriSpecs Sunglasses With Bluetooth Review

TriSpecs introduced Bluetooth enable sunglasses which available in black, white and metallic. Compared to ordinary sunglasses that just protect your eyes from ultra-violet ray, TriSpecs also includes MP3 players and mobile phones.

TriSpecs integrate patented STEPvoice software from STEP Labs for noise cancellation. STEPvoice uses the physics of sound propagation to define the shape and arrival time of sound waves to isolate voice signals from undesired noises.

With the motto “Where High Tech Meets High Fashion”, TriSpecs sunglasses are now available with a variety of features, styles, and colors. Some other features includes;

  • Power turns on by extending the in-ear speakers.
  • Voice prompts and voice dialing for easy, hands-free use.
  • Instant, dynamic volume to compensate for noise changes in the environment.
  • Retractable standard ear-bud speakers or upgrade with in-ear barrel speakers.
  • One-touch activation of phone calls.
  • MP3 and call control buttons on the arms of the glasses.
  • Available in black, white, and metallic with optional designs and style elements.

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