Web Hosting Explained

Have you heard about wordpress web hosting and drupal web hosting? Have you ever wondered why you can access to different websites around the globe with just your computer and internet? Well, web hosting is the answer for that simple question!

web hosting, webhosting, hosting, wordpress web hosting, drupal web hostingWeb hosting is a service offered by web hosting companies that will allow customers to showcase and display their website to any computer 24/7 as long as it is connected to the internet. These computers or servers with large memory and hard drives have an individual “Internet Protocol Address” or “IP Address” which serves as an identification for each web hosting company. Each server has thousands of units which will be leased for customers to save HTML, JavaScript, CSS etc. and publish their site to the web.

What do your computer servers do is when you enter a website link or an address in the address bar and hit the enter key, your computer will send request to that certain web host company using the IP Address after the request is granted, the site will be loaded directly in to you browser in just a matter of seconds.

There are two major kinds of web hosting, the free web hosting where you can bring out your websites for free but with limitations and conditions; and the paid web hosting services where you can have your own website published the way you wanted it to be.

Since web hosting is a profitable business, lots of computer enthusiasts nowadays joined this industry and due to close competition, they would offer great deals to entice the customers. For example, the drupal web hosting services (responsible for whitehouse.gov) offers a back-end system for various categories of websites, starting from personal blogs to Enterprise 2.0 collaboration.

Once you’re into web hosting, the 24 hour support group is an important aspect even if you’re the customer or you’re the web host. As a customer, you should know if your web host company does have this kind of service so that you can reach them if you encounter problems with your website anytime of the day. As the host, it is important that you can provide a quality 24 hour customers and technical support to your customers because it is one of their basis on choosing a host.

Basically, web hosting has made great impact to the world because without web hosting, websites are nothing.

8 thoughts on “Web Hosting Explained

  1. I agree that the 24-hour service is key. Most of the time I get to work on my websites/blogs are after work hours. If they were open only during normal business hours, it’d be almost impossible to get the help I need from my host.

  2. The web hosting industry is already fully saturated and there are a lot of bad hosting services out there. One must be truly well-verse enough in the web to identify the bad from the good ones otherwise you end up on trial and error which is costly.

  3. 24hr support is a must, but also offering that support via different mediums such as live chat support, email support, msn, skype and icq support as well as the usual support ticket and email.

  4. Thanks for explaining to newcomers in the most simple terms. Google a hosts name and look at forums to get feedback from actual customers before committing. Also not that ‘unlimited bandwidth’ is unlikely to be that, and your hosting will likely lock up due lack of processing power before you get any large amount. Basically, don’t look at unlimited bandwidth as such a great point..

  5. When you want to have a secured web hosting, go for a paid one – even if it will cost you a lot. Top of the line web hosting are needed by internet entrepreneurs like online game developers. WEll, even if you’re not Big time in your biz, you should go for the trusted web hosting though…

  6. we’ve had a bad experience in this hosting site named ” hostreptile”. there was a time that the sites were down and even the traffic stats! so we had to move to another hosting site which is the “gofather”. unfortuntely, this hosting didnt solve the problem either. so we just went back. LOL

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