What Do You Know About File Extension IFO

Do you ever know about file extension IFO? Actually, nowadays this type of file is widely used. IFO files are found on DVD video disks. Here are some information on file extension IFO.

The IFO files provide important information to the player, such as the number of layout of the movie chapters, audio settings and subtitle languages. They also define which screen appears on start-up. File extension IFO files consist of entries. Most common entry type is PGC (ProGram chain) which describes chapter sequences for different versions of the movie, commentary and bonus material located on the disk.

The IFO file is associated with VRO files, with the VRO file containing the video itself. This file type can be opened by any one of a range of DVD players. While it is not possible to open IFO files directly they are used by different DVD playback programs like WinDVD, Cyberlink PowerDVD etc. These files are also read by DVD backup software when it copies video data to other DVD or hard-drive.

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