What is File Extension KMZ

What is file extension KMZ and how to open this kind of file. Here are some basic info on file extension KMZ. File extension KMZ is most commonly associated with file extension KML file. KML stands for Keyhole Markup Language which is an XML based language KMZ files are commonly used by geo-browser applications such as Google Earth to import geographical data in KML format along with associated resources. The KMZ file specifically is a bookmark file that will return you to a specific saved view of the Earth.

This file can be unzipped using a normal unzip package, although it would normally be viewed using Google Earth. A typical file extension KMZ file will contain a KML document, which is an XML-based representation of information which can be overlaid on 2D or 3D maps. This will include a geographical location based on longitude and latitude, as well as points, lines or text which can be used to describe or illustrate a location. KML files can also contain paths to external images or 3D textured objects which can also be used to illustrate an area or point on a map.

File extension KMZ files can be imported using any geo-browsing software which supports KML input. Popular applications which support KMZ import include Google Earth, Google Maps and Microsoft Virtual Earth. KMZ files which contain 3D geometry information may also be imported into Blender or older versions of Google Sketchup. KMZ files can also be opened and extracted using archiving software such as WinZip, WinRAR, WinAce or Stuffit by changing the extension to file extension ZIP.

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