Whistler XTR 550 Radar And Laser Detector Review

Whistler XTR 550 Radar And Laser Detector – For all those Michael Schumacher or Danica Patrick wannabe out there, this cool gadget will be perfect for you. The Whistler XTR 550 Radar and Laser Detector will help you from getting caught by the police for speeding.

The most interesting feature is the voice alert system that enable you to hear what it detect and find. I think, the Whistler XTR 550 radar and laser detector will become extremely popular as one of the hottest selling gift this Christmas. Below you can get more info about the product.


  • Detects X, K, and Ka radar lasers
  • Also detects POP mode
  • Selectable voice alerts
  • Red Text display with adjustable dim or dark modes
  • Twin Alert Periscope visual alert
  • Total Band™ Protection – selectable
  • 360° Total Perimeter Protection™
  • 3 City Modes/Highway Mode
  • High Gain Lens
  • Stay Alert™
  • Dim/Dark Mode
  • Quiet/Auto Quiet Modes
  • Alert Priority
  • Setting Saver
  • Vehicle Battery Saver – selectable
  • Safety Warning System – SWS
  • Patented VG-2 Cloaking™ Technology

Specifications :

  • Laser Wavelength : 905 + 10 nanometers (nm)
  • Operating Temperature Range : -10°C to +70° C (14° F to +158° F)
  • Power Requirements : Operational 12 to 15 volts DC, 250mA nominal

The Whistler XTR 550 Radar and Laser Detector also come with one year warranty from Whistler.

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